GLAHW Presents: The Gastronomincon

We’ve done calendars, anthologies, chapbooks, and have murdered guests of our Halloween parties.

Now we’re coming for your guts.

GLAHW is preparing a cookbook, complete with accompanying narratives, both real and imagined. We’ll fill it with words and pictures and for omnivores and the gastro-selective alike.

Photo Credit © Janice Poon, Feeding Hannibal
Photo Credit © Janice Poon, Feeding Hannibal


Please read the guidelines carefully. If you’ve ever searched for a recipe online, you’ll note they look identical despite being loaded to multiple sites.

We don’t want identical. We want yours – your voice, that special way you instruct, the way you destroy your kitchen!

Then we want your words – create a story or narrate a creative-non-fiction about your recipes. Tainted tea cakes in a tale of terror?  Meatless meatloaf in a mini massacre? Did your Auntie tell you a story while you rolled out pasta and now when you see quiche you feel a little queasy?

Tell us!!!


Submit an original recipe, or an adapted recipe with your spin, cite if able.

  • We want everything edible, and variations for the holidays if possible
  • Every recipe should have a story, either real or imagined– for inspiration and idea of what we mean, see The Mafia Cookbook, by Joseph “Joe Dogs” Ianuzzi.
  • Payment is one cookbook, and 10% off subsequent purchased copies.
  • Deadline is February 1, 2016
  • Submit to Please type “Gastronomicon for Submission”

Full submission guidelines: Gastronomicon Cookbook Guidelines


Caveat: We understand we may not be originators of this idea, but and that’s okay. It didn’t stop people from writing vampire stories, or strange aliens, or remaking Alice in Wonderland eleventy-billion times.

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