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    First off, GLAHW looks like a group of people having fun and I’m glad to join that. That said, I guess it’s my turn to introduce myself, hopefully with stuff that’s not too redundant to my website I’ll start with the genre activity and writing.

    Around my 18th birthday I went to my first convention, which was a comic con, and I’ve been to hundreds more cons. I tend to not divide between comic, SF, horror, fantasy, media, mystery, and gaming cons. With that lack of division in mind, around 1994 a horror magazine asked to interview me about my dark poetry. I was surprised to find out I wrote horror. In 1995, I had a small chapbook of dark poetry published, ‘Olives: A Jar Full of Small Pokes,’ and a twentieth anniversary ebook was released a few years ago. In 1996 Dark Regions Press published my chapbook ‘Variations of Sleeping Alone’ as part of their ‘best of the dark fantasy poets’ series. One highlight in my horror career was having my poem “Survivor” receive Honorable Mention in ‘The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror’ (1996). In keeping with my general obliviousness regarding my horror writing, I did not find out until 2015 that I had received this accolade. The other highlight was in 2004 when Brian Lumley attended my crowded poetry reading at EerieCon and made a point of complimenting the reading and chatting with me afterward. Given how rare it is for a poetry reading to be crowded it all felt like a fever dream.

    My early books were followed in 2002 with ‘Ghosts Dream of Madmen,’ and in 2017, with ‘Pocket Full of Horror.’ 2017’s ‘The Detective’s Ghost’ also contains a lot of work in the horror genre. Ghosts and madmen are two of my main subjects. About ten of my fifty plus published flashes and short stories are clearly in the horror genre, and like a lot of writers, I have been poking away at a novel sporadically with no realistic completion date in sight. I have also written screenplays (two short and one long produced) and drama and plenty of nonfiction. Of late, more short stories have been leaking out, and I’ve been dreaming of more time to write them.

    As to other connections to horror, I was not a good student in high school, flunked out of college, and got trapped in a dead-end job operating heavy equipment in a factory and occasionally driving trucks. It was horrific, trust me. Eventually I begged my way back into college and wrote my way out of the factory. To the utter astonishment of many, I have supported myself (and family) the last nineteen years by employment as an English professor. One of my favorite courses to teach is The Literature of Horror which happens every even year in the fall. I am an active member of the Horror Writers of America.

    I am friends with horror writers Edo Van Belkom and Darrell Schweitzer, and I was friends with the late David G. Hartwell who edited six volumes of horror stories that included plenty of scholarship. I’m sure I have lots more friends in the field, but I have already mentioned my obliviousness to genre walls. I have often wished that the Great Lakes was more organized as I believe it is a clear cultural unit. I know that many GLAHW are around Detroit, while I teach near the eastern shore of Lake Erie. It is many years since I attended conventions in the Detroit area, but I have nothing but fond memories of them. I sometimes harbor delusions of looking up my Detroit relatives someday. Hell, maybe you’re them!


    JM Van Horn

    Welcome aboard. It is always great to have new members. I am right up there with obliviousness at times. 🙂

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