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    The two Member of the Board positions and the one Member at Large position are now open for elections. If you are interested in running for any of these offices, please introduce yourself, tell us why you want the job (or want to keep it), what you’ll bring to the table, etc. Below are the specific duties of these positions. They have changed a bit from previous years so please read thoroughly before applying for the job!

    The election application period will be open until Monday, February 5, 2018. If none of the positions have multiple applicants, the results will be posted on Tuesday, February 6. If any position has more than one applicant, a poll will be created and open to membership voting until Friday, February 9.

    Thanks and good luck!

    o Primary function of the MOB is to serve as a liaison between the general membership and the officers. This entails regular communication (email, social media, etc.) for announcements and soliciting help/input/feedback from the group or individual members.
    o Assisting at conventions, appearances, etc., as well as regularly attend monthly meetings during the membership year.
    o Vote on all GLAHW business

    o Primary function is to serve as a vote tie breaker.
    o Must attend a minimum of five (5) meetings during a membership year.

    (If you have read this far, email me at with the word ‘pineapple pen’)

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    Gentle reminder – You need to pay your dues before running for office.

    You really need to get on that.

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