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    Good morning! The polls are closed now and I’m happy to announce that Michael Cieslak and Nicole Castle have retained their positions as the two Members of the Board. Ken MacGregor has also retained his role as the Member at Large.

    Since we’ve signed on a few new members in the last couple of weeks, I thought it might be a good idea for all the officers to introduce themselves here (I’ll do a sister post at the original forum, too, just in case). Officers can just reply to this post!

    I’ll start.

    Hello, I’m Peggy Christie and I’m the Secretary ( I’m also one of the founding members of the group. I can’t believe we’re in our 11th year already. Damn. Anyway, I’m one of those late bloomers who didn’t get into the writing game until I was 30. I don’t think I have one particular horror element that I like to write about over anything else. It’s all kind of fun! And GLAHW has been such a great source of support and inspiration over the years.

    Outside of writing, I love watching movies, reading, playing computer games, watching Korean Dramas, eating A LOT of sugar, getting drunk and writing movie reviews, cuddling with my dog, and slobbering over my husband of (almost) 25 years.



    Jerrod S. Smelker

    Hi Peggy…as a brand new member, thank you for your post. I look forward to reading about the other officers and founders. I laughed out loud when I read the “A LOT of sugar and getting drunk” lines. HA!! I am certainly looking forward to being a member of GLAHW and hope to gain a lot from it as much as give.



    Hi, Jerrod! So happy you’re here!

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