Monster Mash for Literacy Bash – IX

"I kissed a couple of angels but it wasn't much fun Now I shake, shake, shake it with an evil tongue" - Elle King
“I kissed a couple of angels but it wasn’t much fun
Now I shake, shake, shake it with an evil tongue” – Elle King

Have you weighed your soul against a feather and found it breaking not only the scale but searing the feather to ash?

Us too!

Want to add a little more weight just to make sure?

Well, we can’t promise the unbearable lightness of a peaceful Afterlife, but we can bring the Angels and Devils from all realms to party like the Seventh Seal is about to crack.

GLAHW brings together the Spheres and Circles at the Berkley VFW Post 9222, celebrating Devil’s Night the only way they can – by hiding among the Sacred and the Profane in costume and enjoying fine food with adult beverages at its 9th Annual Monster Mash for Literacy Bash.

This year’s theme is Angels and Devils.

Costume contests, a Penny Social, music and dancing, the gates open to Berkley VFW Post 9222, October 29, 2016, at 8:00 p.m.

Rumor has it there will be an otherworldly Trivia Contest that threatens to test even your savvy knowledge.

This is a CASH ONLY BAR, so please bring CASH to buy your booze. There is an ATM located across the street for your convenience so you can get CASH.

21+ please.  $10.00 in advance and $10 at the door. You may use a credit/debit card to purchase party tickets and raffle tickets.

Advance Ticket Purchasers will also receive ten (10) free tickets to the Penny Social for a chance at fantastic gifts and autographed books.

We’ve even prepared special drinks to help polish your halo or sharpen your horns, and a 50/50 raffle that could help line your pockets.

Be sure to also enter our Special Auction where the lucky winner’s name will be featured in every story of the annual anthology, Recurring Nightmares. Be the hero, be the villain, die a horrible death (note: the fate entirely is in the hands of the GLAHW authors).

Proceeds benefit the Dominican Literacy Center and the Sienna Literacy Center, and we are proud to make them our permanent charities, ensuring that people of all ages discover the magic and power of reading as well as improve their lives with a strong educational foundation.


Capt Tight Pants, our ethereal and omniscient Web Admin is offering this limited special offer for potential Members and party animals.

Join us for MMLB-IX on October 29 in Berkley, meet the crew, have a great time, AND join GLAHW for $20.00. It’s a savings of $10.00!

This is a limited time offer for new members only.

Offer ends 10/29/2016.

(You’ll have the option to adjust the amount of tickets sold on the Buy page.)

Options of Awesome

Interested in being a Donor to the Penny Social (raffle)? 2015 featured such amazing items from:

Artist Don England
Artist Steven J Bejma
Author Sean M. Davis
Royal Oak Tattoo
Author Ken MacGregor
Author Bentley Little
Author Scott Thomas
Author Jeff Strand
Author Joe McKinney
Author William Meikle
Author Dean Koontz
Essential Massage
Candlewick Shoppe

If you’d like to donate to the raffle, please complete this form, or drop us a line at

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