MontiLee Stormer
— Treasurer —

MontiLee Stormer writes about acts other people spend lots of time in jail for committing. MontiLee has found herself published in strange and wonderful places like:

  • Bound #1 (I Do This Because I Love You)
  • The Sinister Bedfellows Anthology (So Much For Love Potion #8)
  • Black Petals #36  (The Serpent Bearer)
  • Black Ink Horror #4 and #5 (And On The Seventh Day, Twas The Night)
  • Murky Depths #3 (The Suicide Bar).

Her interests include abnormal psychology, serial killers, and the storied Paradise Valley of Detroit.

MontiLee employs a ‘well-compensated’ sniper to keep the small but disturbingly dedicated legion of fanboys at bay. She lives in the Metro Detroit area with her husband, their two cats, and a yarn stash that breeds unchecked!

J.M. Van Horn
— Secretary —

J.M. Van Horn thwarts criminals during the day and writes a blend of horror and urban fantasy at night. He resides in Metro Detroit with his incredible wife and amazing son, who are his driving forces. His stories are fueled by his absolutely absurd dreams and/or nightmares. There are endless levels of horror and you should take time to explore them.

His published works can be found around, including Sirens Call, Erie Tales, Ghostlight, the Magazine of Terror


M.C. St.John
— Member —

M.C. St. John is a writer living in Chicago. He is the author of the short story collection Other Music. His stories have appeared, as if by luck or magic, in Burial Day Books, Dark Ink Books, Oddity Prodigy Productions, and Wyldblood Press. He is also a member of the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers, serving as co-editor for the horror anthology Recurring Nightmares. See what he’s writing next at

Nicole e. Castle
— Member —

Coming Soon

Kirk Douglas
— Member at Large —

Kirk Douglas grew up in Detroit Michigan. Exposed to television programs such as Sir Graves Ghastly, Creature Feature and Scream Theater, he developed a fascination for horror.
Recently, his first horror story was published in Erie Tales. Hopefully many more will follow.
Kirk lives in SE Michigan and works in cancer research to pay the bills. He lives with his wife, two children, and a whacky labradoodle.