MontiLee Stormer

MontiLee Stormer is a troublemaker, writing acts of mayhem and despair for her own selfish pleasure. Her interests wander from abnormal psychology and serial killers, to lost loves and the storied Paradise Valley of Detroit. MontiLee has found herself published in strange and wonderful places like The Sinister Bedfellows Anthology, Black Ink Horror, Murky Depths, and Necrotic Tissue, and The Daily Nightmare series, Quick Shivers.  She’s an active member of GLAHW, contributing to their annual charity anthology Erie Tales, and Supporting Member of HWA. MontiLee employs a ‘well-compensated’ sniper to keep the growing but disturbingly dedicated legion of fanboys at bay. She lives in the Metro Detroit Area with her husband, two cats, and several knitting projects which keep her safely off the streets.

HWA Selfie

MontiLee has been the Treasurer for GLAHW since 2010. Anya is her Patronus.

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