WE ARE ALL MONSTERS is available for free on Kindle right now!

Cassie Carnage here. Just wanted to let you all know that my first ever Horror eBook, WE ARE ALL MONSTERS, is up on Amazon and available for free for a limited time.

Deal runs Saturday 3/18 until Wednesday 3/22.

You can get your free copy here: http://bit.ly/waam11


“We Are All Monsters” by Cassie Carnage contains 10 original stories from a unique new voice in horror; plus an exclusive bonus introduction chapter to the Weird West monster hunters known as The Three Thieves of Night and their dark, corrupted world of gun slinging magicians.

Inside you will find vengeful ghosts, greedy demons, madness inducing gods from the Time before Man, an evil witch trapped in the mummified remains of a saint, were-sasquatches, haunted water heaters, psychics, vampires and much, much more!

Inside you will find:

What the swamp takes, she also gives back.

Cancer comes back to collect a widowed husband.

What would you do if you could see ghosts, and your best friend dies?

DROSOPHILA (a horror poem)
Are there fruit flies everywhere, or only in the demented mind of Malachi?

Two kids hear an urban legend about a monster in an abandoned copper mine. When they break into the mine, they accidentally wake it up.

Sometimes, it’s not your imagination. Sometimes, there really is something inside your water heater…

Two bounty hunters discover unexpected package while investigating a nest of vampires.

A homeless the preacher finds a way to feed the starving people of his flock. But not all is what it seems as the magical golden box that leaves a feast each night, but only after a human sacrifice.

A mummified saints body. A witch. And a terrible curse.

Three college guys go camping and discover that one of them is not what he seems.

A psychic swordsman and a man with an incessantly itching wound that won’t heal discover that their brother-at-arms is missing.

If you like Tales from the Crypt, Clive Barker, Stephen King or Anne Rice, you will love WE ARE ALL MONSTERS.

Submissions Open for YA Horror Anthology Locker Shockers!



Locker Shockers: Urban Legends is a Young Adult horror anthology.

Deadline August 31, 2017

Edited by Cassie Carnage

We are looking for 5,000 word stories about young adults and their encounters with the paranormal entities of urban legends.

Such as:

  • Creatures living in the rain sewers
  • Aliens
  • Vampires living next door
  • Children who mysteriously died when breaking into school at night
  • Bloody Mary
  • Slenderman
  • Possessed/haunted school objects- computers, phones, furniture, appliances, pictures, trophies, mirrors etc.
  • Ouija boards that keep showing up, even after they are burnt and their ashes are thrown out
  • Paranormal Games, like the Charlie, Charlie Challenge

When you were a teenager did your friends tell you scary stories about your home town or school?

Think back to your own childhood for inspiration. What scared you then? Channel that into your young character’s psyche and run with it.

Submission Guidelines:

5,000 Firm Word Count. Please note that you  can go over the word count, but not under this amount.

The main character must be between the ages 13 and 18 years of age for it to be considered a Young Adult horror story.

Keep your story PG-13. No graphic sex, no hate speech, no gratuitous violence, no torture porn, no revenge porn. Keep swearing to a minimum. (Anything that can be said on night time television is acceptable.)

Please follow the proper manuscript format, which can be found here for your reference:  http://www.shunn.net/format/story.html

Submissions that do not follow the proper manuscript format will not be considered for publication.

Multiple submissions are accepted. However, simultaneous submissions with other publications are not.

All authors published in Locker Shockers will receive a contributor’s copy.

Locker Shockers: Urban Legends

Deadline August 31, 2017

Please email all submissions to cassie@bloodywhisper.com