Keeping my Pimp Hand Strong

I always forget that I have the opportunity to pimp myself on this page! Aside from being able to add more content to the GLAHW website, I can talk about me. And don’t we all like to talk about ourselves?

Stop shaking your head.

Anyway, Daulton Dickey just interviewed me for his website to shed more light on women in the horror industry. So why not head over and check it out? Please and thank you.

If you know any women in horror that should be given some attention (or maybe it’s YOU), send a message Daulton’s way and get interviewing.

Women of Horror: An Interview with Peggy Christie


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Peggy is an author of horror and dark fiction. She's been writing since 1999 and finds great therapeutic value in destroying the characters she creates. She loves Korean dramas, chocolate, her dog, belly dancing, baking, lame attempts at keeping the weeds alive in her back yard, and most importantly her husband of 24 years.

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