Hey everyone!

It’s your friendly neighborhood GLAHW Treasurer, here!

I’ve just sent out invoices for 2019 so please check your inboxes and spam folders and pay them before 2/15. After 2/15, we’ll start removing access and reassessing table space for upcoming conventions. If you did not receive an invoice and paid dues prior to September 2018, please contact me. We don’t want you to be left along the side of the highway.

If you paid after September 2018 or want to just check on your status of membership, please drop me a line.

If you did receive an invoice and are no longer interested in membership with GLAHW, please cancel the invoice so I won’t bug you with reminders to pay. No hard feelings whatsoever – we all take different paths.  You can cancel the Invoice from the dashboard of your PayPal account.


Welcome to 2019! We want this to be a big year and we can’t do it without your bright shiny faces! We will send for the rest of your body as space allows.