If you’re a subscriber to the GLAHW website (and thank you) recently you’ve noticed some sketchy posts originating from our admin email account (deathrattle at glahw dot com). We deeply apologise for that. It appears Captain Tight Pants went out for his nightly shamble and left the garden gate open. Some gremlins got in, brought their friends, emptied the liquor cabinet, and trashed the lighthouse.

We called the cops, but you know cops. They won’t touch gremlins without a court order and a certified gremlin handler, which we’d have to pay for.

In this economy?!?

After promising we’d handle the gremlins humanely, we tented the lighthouse and pumped it full of cyanide gas. We’re pretty sure we got them all and their little bodies are enjoying a Vikings Funeral on the lake.


(Photos copyright by Kari Percival and Greg Cook, 2017.)

So deepest apologies for the spam and the weirdness. We’ve double-checked the locks, resealed the windows, and Captain Tight Pants is grounded. Indefinitely. He’ll have to do his shambling in the crawlspace.

Please rest assured that no one’s information was compromised and no mail-order brides will be showing up at your door.

Unless you specifically ordered them. No judgment.

Thanks for subscribing and we’ll keep better tabs in the future.