If you’ve see the beauty that is 13 Quick Shivers, from Daily  Nightmare – you’ve seen the incredible typesetting that has made it a success. Now’s your chance to be a part of round 2!

DailyNightmare.com is accepting submissions for its second annual anthology of 100-word prose poems based on any of the 350-plus nightmares currently posted on the site (http://dailynightmare.com/category/nightmares/). Payment will be $10.00 made via PayPal and a .pdf of the final anthology in exchange for First World Serial Rights, electronic rights, and reprint rights for posters and postcards. (After one year, rights can be reassigned to the author.) In addition to professional word-rate, this will be a cool-looking publication since we intend to exploit all the tricks of expressive digital typography.

The deadline for submissions is July 1.

Full details available at the website.