GLAHW is pleased to announce the release of ERIE TALES 11 in paperback and Kindle (coming soon) editions!

Due the brain mush of the Formatter and Layout person (me). It’s published under the name Greal Lakes Association of Horror Writers. The acronym still works, so there’s that. It has been a long season and I deeply apologize for the error.

I also would like to blame the Mercury Retrograde, which is hitting Sags like me particularly hard. *shakes fist an uncaring sky*

By popular demand, we’re releasing the Kindle version as well! If you buy the print book, you can receive the Kindle version for $1.99.

Erie Tales 11: Tales From The Asylum (2018)

Erie Tales 11: Tales From The Asylum
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Peggy Christie
December Lace
Shad Kelly
J.M. Van Horn
Jerrod S. Smelker
Justin Holley