Greetings Members!

Every year we solicit ideas on what that coming year’s Erie Tales anthology theme will be and then we launch a poll over at the forum. We want members to have a say in our annual theme because if you like the idea, you’ll definitely write for it.

This year’s current poll is up over at the Forum and we invite you to participate. Maybe you didn’t know this, for the first time beginning with Erie Tales 12, one chosen story will receive Pro-Rates ($0.06/word). Is that an incentive enough?

If you’re not a member of the forum (where we post meeting minutes, convention ideas, and potential anthology themes), please send an email to so we can hook you up.

Here are the current standings. There are 40 current members of GLAHW and 6 people have voted. Vote and state your case. We can only be as successful as our members’ participation. The Poll closes February 9.