Hello, everyone!

Your Treasurer, here and I wanted to let you know of the book and discount pricing we’re using for 2018, as well as a little help from you.

For Conventions:

We do a lot of conventions – 16-20 a year – and in previous years we’ve offered book bundle pricing to drum up interest. For 2018 We’ve discontinued that and will be offering a flat 20% off on all GLAHW books – ERIE TALES, RECURRING NIGHTMARES, GHOSTLIGHT – with a 2-book minimum. This discount does not apply to Members’ books we’re offering for sale. I’ve created an instruction on how to use this discount with the Square Register App. Please note: if you plan on working a convention on behalf of GLAHW, you will need to download the Square (Point of Sale) app (Android or iOS) and request a Device Code.

Click here for the new Discount Code Instructions, and please email me if you require a device code for Square.

For GLAHW Books

In previous years we’ve been able to offer Members a 50% discount code for all GLAHW titles, either for their own use or for sale at conventions they have a table. Due to a change in CreateSpace policies, we can no longer offer that code.

Instead, if you require books, you must email the Treasurer (that’s me) 30-days prior to request copies, with a 10-book minimum. I will provide a price plus shipping via an invoice, which you will pay. Once paid, I will put the order through and provide you with an approximate ship date.  If you need them rushed, Amazon will charge you appropriately. I’m not responsible for the ship dates or transit time.

Member’s Books

One of the perks of membership is table space at the convention your membership dues help secure – Motor City Comic Con, Horrorhound, Steel City, etc. This provides you, a single author, with visibility and exposure to conventions and markets you either cannot afford to attend personally or cannot make time for under the banner of a group that has made a solid name for itself over the last 10 years.  We are proud of our members and the reputation we’ve established, and we are thrilled to offer your titles alongside known GLAHW brands.

That said –

Member Participation

You need to do your part. It’s not enough to pay membership and drop off books. We need YOU to assist with conventions – find them and/or work them, spread the word of our group and appearances and events, participate in discussions, meetings, committees. We need you to be involved. We need a little sweat equity from you. How can you help?

  • Show up to meetings  – we have them on the Second Sunday of every month. We have a Skype if you’d like to join, but I’m not turning it on if no one will use actually use it.
  • Use this webpage, the twitter, the Facebook, the Instagram (for photos) to promote yourself and your fellow members. Do you do book or movie reviews? Cross-post them. Have a new book out – post it. Making an appearance – let us know. Use the tools available to get your voice out.
  • Find us new conventions – We’re based in Michigan but we have members all over the US and CA. Know of a show we’d be a good fit for – send the Secretary the information. Maybe we can come down, meet, and work the table. Have a table and want to sell some of our books, or need flyers – let us know? Can you physically work conventions either here or when we visit? You have to let us know. We are a small team of volunteers who work tirelessly to make it look like we are a trained team of assassins that can kill you, hide the evidence, and pretend you never existed – we. are. that. good. – but we aren’t afraid to ask for an assist now and then. Help us out!
  • READ US – Seriously, we have 13 books, containing hundreds of short stories and we would be your new favorite if you’d give us a chance. Plus then you’d have an opportunity to tell others about us. We’d do it for you!
  • Got a suggestion that can help us improve – tell us. we love constructive criticism (really), and we want to make this group workable for all members.

We have super limited table space at some conventions. Dropping off your books with a wave and expecting payment if we manage to sell them isn’t going to fly this year. There are lots of things you can do so you can help us help you.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment here or drop me an email.