From Peggy at the Forum (which you should probably visit once in a while)

OK folks. Let’s start making decisions. We’d like to go with Jacket Number Two in Black/Grey. Yes, officially it’s listed as a ladies’ jacket but if everyone can find a size to fit them, please feel free to order whenever! If the men would like a more unisex jacket, or the other one just won’t fit, order Jacket Number One in Black/Grey. The grey might be a little lighter (it’s Heather instead of Charcoal) but it’s still cool. Both links are posted above in this thread.

The GLAHW logo patch has been officially created by Storied Threads on Etsy. The patch is $13 and here’s the

We also found a site that makes custom name patches (or anything else you might want). For the women, we want to have a “Pink Ladies of Horror” made. Probably black background, grey border, and pink letters. The Loki Coca Cola font on this site looks awesome. They also make rocker patches that we’d like to get that just say GLAHW. Probably black background, grey border, and red or white letters. I like the Ironwood font. Looks like a biker gang! But we’re still hammering out details on those and will need to confirm pricing. They also do individual names so you can personalize your jackets.

So feel free to order (or not) your jacket of choice and patch at your convenience! Check back here for deets on the other patches!