You asked for it – and nagged and cajoled and complained and slammed doors. We were content with ignoring you but when the beatings didn’t stop the whining, we realized you were serious, so we gave in.

Beginning with RUTH’S RECURRING NIGHTMARES, GLAHW publications will now be available on Kindle as well as in print! Previous titles will be released to digital format as time permits and soon you’ll be able to carry around our entire catalog in that hole in your stomach you’ve been calling a “pocket.”

You’re welcome.

TOC for Ruth’s Recurring Nightmares, now available on Kindle. Print version will drop shortly:

Replacement, Sarah Doebereiner
The Fresh Start, Victoria Dalpe
Boneyard, Dave Dormer
Nightmare Slayer, Lisa Alfano
Roots, Gareth Gray
The House On High Drive, E. Lillith Mcdermott

Cover by the amazing Steven J Bejma.

If you’d like to know how you can contribute to future Recurring Nightmares, click here for your opportunity.