Trust me when I say the last thing I ever wanted to do was write a Work Instruction on HOW TO USE THE SQUARE, yet here we are.

For those new to us, GLAHW uses the Square Register System to track sales and inventory when we do conventions. It’s primarily for the convenience for new fans to use a credit card or buy multiple items cash or charge, and for GLAHW make multiple sales with group and individual member items. It is also there to help the person completing transactions with math. As we are now doing more conventions in different locations, often on the same day, or far flung places where only a few can travel, we are entrusting our members to collect money for sales. This way every member who wants to can work a convention for GLAHW without fear of making  (or not making) sales.

With that, I’m creating a easy to follow work instruction and will offer step by step personal instruction if necessary. This will cut down on errors and potential lost sales and me freaking out because I don’t know what everyone is doing.

As we do more concurrent shows it’s absolutely necessary we keep track of money coming in and going out, we we need to hold everyone accounable. So we have to lay down a few ground rules.

One, if you plan on using a Square to work a table for GLAHW, you will need a Device Code for your smart phone or tablet. I can provide this to you but please do not wait until the day of the show to ask. We are also encouraging everyone with a Device Code to activate it AND add a nickname to your Decive in the Square Menu.  This will show who’s taking money and how sales are for particular locations.

Going forward, if you are working the convention table and you enter items into the Square for sale, DO NOT PAY YOURSELF. I’m sorry, this is non-negotiable. If you enter items into the Square, and you collect cash, all cash goes into the Cash box.


Within 48 hours, you will Paypal over the cash to the GLAHW account (if you don’t know, ask), or hand deliver it to a member.  The treasurer (that’s me) will tally the sales summary  with cash and credit card sales, and individual members with sales will have their mony distributed via PayPal within two weeks.

Doing this any other way looks a lot like embezzlement. If you want to take cash for your own items, do not use the Square to track them. If you take cash for GLAHW items, you’d better put them in the Square and the cash goes in the box. Inventory should match. Cash should match. This is basic accounting.

If I pull up the sales summary and the cash doesn’t match what you’ve PayPaled over to me, I cannot begin to think about that conversation.

This would be a good time to check to see if you’ve provided the Treasurer (that’s me) with a PayPal.Me address so you can be paid promptly. Please allow two weeks.

I will have the Work Instructions complete in time for the next round of conventions and they will be emailed out to members with Square Device Codes. The password will be changing for the Square Account, so if you don’t have a Device Code, now is the time to ask.

I have no doubt you may have questions or angry comments, and you can either comment here or send them to me at treasurer [at] glahw [dot] com. This is a Member’s Only Post, so only Members can see it.

(this is also cross-posted to the forum)