Annual Preditors and Editors Readers’ Poll

Hey folks! Just wanted to put up a quick post about the annual “Preditors and Editors Readers’ Poll” for 2017. Several of our members have been nominated in various categories, as well as GLAHW itself for our 10th Erie Tales anthology! I’ll provide a link to the main poll below but feel free to check out all categories and vote for – OR NOMINATE – your favorites from 2017. Poll is open until January 14.


Nominated members include:

Essel Pratt (with a whopping 8 books!) for Best Horror Novel (Backwoods Bonfire, Lacrimation of the Leviathan: From the Case Files of Detective Mansfield, Orleans Occult: Bourbon Street Lucifer, Repercussions Run Rampant: Reports of Revenge, Regret, and Retribution, Ungodly Undoing: Tales of Ubiquitous Umbrage, Xperimental Genocide) , Best Young Adult Novel (Secession Part One: Voluntary Deportation), AND Best Erotica Novel (Yeti, Yearning)

Mary Lynne Gibbs for Best YA Novel (Jericho Rising)

Peggy Christie for Best Horror Novel (The Vessel)

Ken MacGregor for Best Anthology (Sex, Gore, and Millipedes published by Dragons Roost Press)

Michael Patrick Hicks for Best Horror Novel (Mass Hysteria)

In addition to all these words, our cover artist extraordinaire, Don England, has been nominated for his work on our 10th Erie Tales anthology, Masquerade.

If I’ve missed anyone, PLEASE let me know or feel free to post it on the GLAHWG!

Wet Dreams – My Darkest Erotic Horror Story

by John B. Rosenman

So often, we like to think we are rational, loving creatures when unknown even to ourselves, we are just the opposite: mad, cruel, selfish, and lustful.  We pray to God and secretly worship the powers of darkness.  In my story,  “Wet Dreams,” a couple rents a mansion in the country for the summer to mend their troubled marriage.  Will they succeed?  It all depends what happens after they make love and close their eyes.  Yes, in dreams lie salvation,  but as Goya wrote, that “The sleep of reason produces monsters.”

 Available at:


An hour later, he lay back naked and basked in the afterglow. Karen herself turned off the lights and snuggled happily against him, both their bodies covered by a single sheet. Like him, she was exhausted and drenched with sweat. He listened to her breathing slow and descend toward sleep.

Mirrors. We’re surrounded by mirrors here.

Eyes closed, he thought of their coupling, entangled bodies, which they had seen reflected from many positions: he above her, then behind, Karen above, and then receiving him sideways. He started to smile but found himself imagining their own images watching them in the shadows like second selves. Who knows, perhaps their alter egos would wait till they slept and then creep into their bodies and possess their souls. And, in the morning, when they awoke…

Where had he gotten such a weird idea? He tried to puzzle it out, but sleep soon stole upon him.

Sometime later he awoke, smelling perfume. Something exotic—jasmine? Whatever it was, it must be his imagination because Karen wasn’t wearing any. But it was so sweet and fragrant, so…

(Story available at Amazon, MuseItUp, and elsewhere . . .)