Join GLAHW around the campfire.

Before the beginning of recorded history, protohumans gathered around burning logs and told stories.

These tales imparted lessons for life, told the history of the group, and sought to explain those beings which dwelt in the darkness just beyond the circle of light and warmth provided by the companion fires.

In this anthology, the members of the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers peer deep into that darkness. Contained within are tales to haunt, amuse, and remind readers of those first terrors.

The anthology will include the following authors.

  •  W.K. Rathburg
  • Peggy Christie
  • Melanie Bolt
  • D.C. Levi
  •  KA Douglas
  •  J.L. Royce
  • M.C. St. John

You can pick it up at Amazon or at Motor City Comic Con in May.